Block lotto

Our block lotto is an optional activity which encourages participants to try a new pattern or technique each month. Block instructions for the upcoming meeting are posted each month, and you may make one or more blocks. For each block entered, you’ll receive one lotto ticket (the more blocks you enter, the more tickets, the more chances to win!) Bring your completed block(s) to the meeting, and the winner will go home with all the blocks!

Click here for 2018 block lotto instructions.

Click here for 2017 block lotto instructions.

Cross Cut Quilt quilt-along

Thank you to Audrey for organizing a fun quilt-along for us! Instructions for each month will be posted here:

Month 1 – Cross Cut Quilt-along

Month 2 – Cross Cut Quilt-along and bonus video with tips!

Month 3 – Cross Cut Quilt-along

Month 4 – Cross Cut Quilt-along