Block lotto

How it works

Our block lotto is an optional activity which encourages participants to try a new pattern or technique each month. Block instructions for the upcoming meeting are posted each month, and you may make one or more blocks. For each block entered, you’ll receive one lotto ticket (the more blocks you enter, the more tickets, the more chances to win!) Bring your completed block(s) to the meeting, and the winner will go home with all the blocks!

September 2017 lotto block


For the September lotto block, Margaret has chosen something that reflects what some of us might have been doing this summer – camping! We’ll be making little tent blocks using an improv piecing method.

You can see a finished quilt top made from these blocks on Ants To Sugar’s blog, at  You’ll need a bright yellow for the tent’s open door, a bright colour of your choice for the tent walls, a dark blue/navy for the night sky. You can use prints or solids, as long as your block has the “tent at night” effect.

This is an improv block, so there isn’t a specific pattern or size. Cut a yellow triangle for the inside of the tent. Sew on sides in a bright colour fabric of your choice. Add navy for the night sky, making sure you sew it so that the tent ends up as a triangle. Square (or rectangle) up your block.

We were delighted to learn that this block was inspired by a quilt made by our very own Jen Johnston! Check out this link on the same blog to see Jen’s quilt (which also contains a small tutorial for the little tents block):

June 2017 lotto block


June’s block is an oldy but a goody. You’ve probably seen this block in traditional quilts: it’s called Delectable Mountains or Buzzsaw. Lately, I’ve been seeing it rediscovered in modern quilts, to a very dramatic effect.

There are a number of methods for creating this block, but the one we’ll use for our lotto is super easy. All you do is make a half-square triangle, cut it in four equal slices, then set the slices in reverse order and sew! I found a video tutorial that demonstrates this very straightforward technique, and we’ll be using her measurements for our blocks — that is, starting with two complementary fabrics cut in 10-7/8″ squares (or use 11″ squares if that’s easier, and then square up your HST blocks to 10-1/2″). Please use a low-volume print as one of your fabrics, and a solid colour of your choice for the other. You’ll end up with two blocks, as shown, each measuring 10-1/2″x9″, unfinished.

May 2017 lotto block

may lotto blockFor our May 2017 meeting, we will be making this block. Instructions are found at Sew Mama Sew. You can use solids or small prints. We’ll be using the colour scheme as follows:

Colour A: orange, red-orange, or a warm red
Colour B: white
Colour C: yellow, green-yellow, or a warm green
Colour D: grey

It’s easier than it looks! All straight piecing to make an irregular shape, then trim down to 12.5″ square (unfinished).

April 2017 lotto block

waves.jpgFor April, participants are challenged to try some improv curved piecing. No explicit pattern, but refer to this Rob Appell video if you have not done improv curved piecing before.

Finished blocks should measure 12.5″ unfinished. Please use cool-tone solids.

March 2017 lotto block

Mar 2017 lotto block - tic tac toe

You will find instructions for the Tic Tac Toe block at Blossom Heart Quilts. Please use a solid white for the background fabric. Then, let’s get cheerful with pinks and oranges – your fabrics can be solids or prints, as long as they are pink and orange. It doesn’t matter whether you do the squares in pink and the cross in orange, or vice versa – as you can see, I’ve done one of each. You will receive one ballot for each block you enter into the lottery; each ballot is a chance to win. Happy sewing! Block size: 12.5″ unfinished.

February 2017 lotto block


February’s lotto block is wonky stars! Fabric selection: anything goes, as long as it’s modern! Find instructions for the block can be found on The Silly BooDilly blog. Block size: 12.5″ unfinished.